KMRC Objectives

  • Provision of secure long-term funding at attractive rates to member institutions to enable them scale up their mortgage lending operations;
  • Contributing to the growth of Kenyan capital markets through the issuance of KMRC bonds as a source of sustainable long-term fund;
  • Assist in the standardization of mortgage practices in Kenya through enhanced capacity building to member institutions on the origination of mortgages;
  • Facilitating the entry of new mortgage lenders in the market in order to broaden the scope of mortgage issuance and as a result increase competition.
  • Support lowering the cost of funds, which can lead to a lowering of mortgage rates, thereby improving affordability and extending the range of potential borrowers
  • Facilitating member institutions to extend the mortgage maturity in line with the objective of long-term finance;
  • Contributing to the growth of the mortgage market in Kenya through support to PMLs;