KMRC Launch

KMRC Launch

As a wholesale financial institution, KMRC will extend long term loans at fixed rates to financial institutions secured against mortgages so that they can extend the maturity of their housing loans to end borrowers hence increasing affordability.
Given Kenya’s growth and urbanization rates, there is critical need to deliver housing at the lower end of the income spectrum in order to improve housing conditions for the average Kenyan. Through its re-financing activities, KMRC will seek to catalyze growth of the mortgage market in Kenya by targeting households that fall within the mortgage gap and lower middle-income categories which represents about 95% of the formally employed population.

Kenyans will be able to access longer term housing loans and enjoy a wide choice of competitively priced mortgage offering in the market due to increased competition and product innovation amongst Primary mortgage Lenders. This will lead to an increase in home ownership and growth in household assets.

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