Purpose of the Job:

The holder of the position will be responsible of driving innovative research strategies that will redefine how we understand and navigate the complex world of housing finance. The holder will be responsible for developing and executing ground breaking research initiatives that provide unique insights into market trends, product development, risk assessment and investment opportunities.

The position holder will collaborate closely with cross functional teams to translate research findings into actionable strategies that drive KMRC growth and enhance our competitive edge.

Position Reports to Chief Executive Officer
Position Supervises Research & Strategy Officer and Communication Officer

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Key Responsibilities:

  1. Strategic Leadership:

  • Develop and execute a forward-looking research strategy that aligns with KMRCs Vision and Objectives, positioning the Company as an industry leader in housing finance.

  • Design and lead in-depth customer & market focused research efforts using both quantitative & qualitative techniques to inform trends, patterns and high-quality insights within agreed timelines and budget.

  • Undertake research to develop policy proposals that positively impact on the affordable housing value chain.

  • Undertake periodic research of products & services and advise management on emerging opportunities and potential challenges while at the same time benchmarking with international best practices.

  1. Innovation Champion:

  • Spearhead the exploration of cutting-edge research methodologies incorporating advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning and data analytics to uncover hidden patterns and forecast market dynamics.

  • Ensure adaptive learning from monitoring and evaluation findings.

  • Document, store, and share lessons learned, successes, failures, and best practices via case studies and other innovative technologies.

  1. Thought Leadership:

  • Drive the creation of thought-provoking research publications, white papers and presentations that showcase KMRC expertise and establish our research as trusted authority in the housing finance landscape.

  • Lead, assign and/or coordinate, the various multidisciplinary technical teams in responding in a timely and comprehensive manner to opportunities to expand impact and revenue of the Company.

  • Lead the institutional framework and business transformation process necessary to enhance the position of KMRC in the Mortgage Refinance market.

  • Provide leadership and coordinate all departments to set up high-level goals and performance-oriented objectives by working together on attaining such goals and closely monitoring the operations.

  1. Collaborative Partnerships:

  • Collaborate with internal teams including credit, finance, risk management and operations to translate research insights into actionable strategies that drive mortgage offtake, new product development and manage risk effectively.

  • Utilizing the teams resources and competencies for integrated analysis to develop comprehensive business relevant insights and provide strategic clarity with relevant frameworks and direction.

  • Translate strategic direction by planning initiatives and organizing resources and engaging with stakeholders to align on the desired deliverables.

  • Provide strategic linkages with the corporate world, business community, government agencies and other social partners for the benefit of KMRCs growth.

  1. Regulatory Compliance:

  • Ensure that all research activities adhere to regulatory guidelines and ethical standards, maintaining the integrity and credibility of KMRC.

  • Design data collection tools, plans, and processes for all required information, ensuring high quality and integrity of data.

  1. Operational Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Provide strategic and administrative support in the successful execution of the Companys strategy and generally ensure that the Company offers products and services aligned to its mandate.

  2. Perform frequent monitoring of corporate performance and business KPIs that are shared organization wide.

  3. Initiate and co-ordinate the development of KMRCs strategic plan, business plans and objectives, and facilitate the implementation and monitoring of the same.

  4. Formulate business development, diversification and marketing strategies.

  5. Conduct reviews of KMRCs performance on a quarterly basis to determine whether the Company is meeting its short and long-term objectives and develop measures that guarantee sustainable competitive advantage.

  6. Provide leadership in business growth and customer service in line with the corporate business plan, and business development strategy.

  7. Generate reports required for business planning and decision making.

  8. Coordinate the preparation of the Annual Reports.

  9. Gather market intelligence on customer needs, products and competition to facilitate informed market strategy decision-making.

  10. Create an appropriate strategy, framework and tactics for effective delivery of a very compelling investor relations road map and marketing/communication plan.

  11. Develop and implement appropriate and strategic networks, collaboration, linkages, and partnerships with the stakeholders nationally and internationally to support the Company.

  12. Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

  1. Key Result Areas

The job holder's accountability areas are outlined as follows:

  1. Effective periodic research of products & services and advising of opportunities and challenges to be dealt with.

  2. Review of Strategic corporate plans through comprehensive business environment analysis for the Companys growth, profitability, and sustainability.

  3. Effective and optimal organization of assets and resources assigned to the department.

  4. Effective leadership, supervision and management of manpower resources assigned to the department.

  5. Maximisation of productivity in the department through process-oriented improvements

  6. Continuous process improvement of services offered by the department.

  7. Successful implementation of the departments strategic goals and key strategic areas.

  1. Knowledge and Skills Required:

The job holder must possess:

  1. Bachelors degree in economics, statistics, mathematics, project planning & management, social sciences, or any other related fields.

  2. Masters degree in economics, statistics, project management, social sciences or any other related fields.

  3. Professional qualifications in a relevant field of study, or its equivalent.

  4. Membership in a relevant professional body.

  5. A minimum of five (5) years of related work experience in research, planning, and research development.

  6. Ability to successfully lead and/or participte as a member of complex, multidisciplinary research teams.

  7. Excellent organization, time, and project management skills, including excellent written/ oral communication skills.

  8. Excellent leadership skills with ability to nurture good working relationships with the relevant stakeholders and partners.

  9. Ability to effectively lead and contribute to complex, multidisciplinary teams.

  10. Possess broad and extensive experience and skill in consulting with development finance, housing sector, mortgage refinance sector specialists, and policy makers and in participating in collaborative research.

  11. Should have thorough knowledge of the relevant financial sector as well as knowledge of regulatory requirements affecting the sector.

  12. Must demonstrate high level of integrity.

  13. Must have strategic leadership skills with ability to build strategic relationships.

  14. Should have high level problem solving and decision-making abilities.

  15. Should be an effective communicator with the ability to handle high level communication.

  16. Should be result oriented with ability to deliver desired outcome.

  17. Should demonstrate ability to identify and respond to risk areas within the department.

  18. Should have effective people management and conflict resolution skills.